Dating and Relationships as a Digital Nomad

In a world that values independence, there are often too many choices and too many decisions to make - all of which make it harder for us to meet 'the one'. As a digital nomad living in a state of perpetual travel, dating can be hard and finding that someone that will stick by your side can be even harder sometimes. Sure, we know that airplanes exist, borders are imaginary and that all relationships require effort, but some people can't see past a self-imposed expiration date.

So, what can you do to meet new people and build meaningful connections while being nomadic?

Take Your Love Life Digital

In this case, technology is your friend! Use apps to connect with new people and strike up conversations and friendships via social media. As a digital nomad, you're no stranger to networking groups, virtual meetups, and dating apps. Get out there and make them work for you!

Get Involved

Take your meetups from virtual to IRL. Join a coliving space and socialize, or dive into the deep end by signing up for a program like Wanderist or Nomad Cruise. Those nomadic programs and coliving spaces are a great way to get like-minded people in the same room - you know, like what offices, schools, and bars used to do. Even if you don't meet the love of your life, you're bound to make some friends and maybe even walk away with business leads.

Make the Effort

Ask yourself: what exactly do you want? And do your efforts match that? Speaking to potential contenders about your relationship goals is a must! Be upfront from the very beginning by communicating what you are seeking, whether it's a long-term situation, committed relationship or simply a hookup. 

Know Your Worth and Express Your Standards

Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to having a fulfilling relationship. Be upfront about your expectations and nip anything in the bud that doesn't match up. In other words, what are the needs and wants you are seeking in a partner? Once you are able to define your likes and dislikes, needs and wants, wading through the pool will be easier ... or harder, depending on how you look at it ... okay, let's just say knowing yourself will make things simpler.

Go Where the Fish Are!

If you know you are going to be in a place for a longer period of time, make it a priority to begin making connections immediately. You can really meet a lot of people and tackle the dating game of numbers. Hell, while we're speaking of numbers, you could even take a 'scientific' approach to your destination planning and pick a location where the odds will be in your favor.

Stop Searching

This might be the most annoying piece of advice, but, it turns out it's true! Sometimes the right guy or gal will appear when you aren’t looking. It’s also possible that the guy or gal you are searching for, you’ve already met. You could leave it to faith and rest on the idea that there is a soulmate for everyone just waiting to be found. Perhaps the universe will bring you two together by chance. I for one have heard countless stories of folks finding their one and only while on vacation or while having a nervous breakdown at a train station.


To steal from travel advisories: if you see something, say something! In this case, if you see someone you are attracted to, take one for the team and make your approach before their gone. This is especially true if you're traveling! The worst they can say is no, and at best, you'll have found a travel (and maybe life?) partner.

I will leave you with this: meeting people can be hard, especially if you're a perpetual traveler or a digital nomad. And I don't mean just in regards to romantic relationships! It can be hard to make friends and build a social life when you're always on the go (I find this to be true all around - can we talk about how hard it is to make new friends after you've left university?!). But with a bit of effort, and maybe a few apps and websites, you won't have to roam the globe alone!