Vianessa Castanos

Vianessa CastaΓ‘os

Vianessa is a long-time freelance writer and television actor turned digital nomad. After years of hustling in Hollywood in front of the camera and behind the scenes, she decided to hit the road (and sometimes skies, tracks and seas) and use her experiences to build a resource for other location independent hustlers and those looking to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. 


Gabbie Syed

Gabriella is a senior at American University studying Public Relations & Strategic Communications and Political Science. She is passionate about advocacy and activism and finds joy in flexing her communication and writing brain across all platforms. She tries to find the joy in doing good, however big or small.

Anh Phan The Feasting Nomad

Anh Phan

A newcomer to the digital nomad scene, Anh has spent the last year staying in coliving homes, apartment shares, and hostels all over the world. Her passion for food and meeting other likeminded wanderers fuels her travels as she searches for the perfect place to call home.