5 Shithole Countries with Great Coliving Spaces

Not a day goes by that the President of the United States doesn't do or say something that is questionable at best, and offensive at worst. The past 24 hours have been no exception. As someone who both writes and travels for work, to look past his latest antics and go on with business as usual would be grossly irresponsible of me.

In case you missed it, during a meeting on immigration 45 made some rather racist comments about accepting immigrants from 'shithole' countries.

As a citizen of the United States, but more importantly, as the daughter of immigrants who hail from 'shithole' countries - I've decided to put together this list in honor of my fellow citizens of Shitholandia

Here are just a few of the coliving spaces located outside of the US and Europe that you can visit on the next leg of your digital nomad journey:


Mexico is more than a one-time destination for spring breakers. It's a country with a rich culture and history, and one that has welcomed visitors with open arms. Kahal is a coliving space in a residential area of Cancun with an emphasis on giving back.

South Africa

Guess what, Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country! Surely all of you Hustle Juice readers knew that already but it begs repeating, apparently. CoworKite offers a workation (coliving and coworking retreat) in Cape Town from January 2018 - April 2018. And if that doesn't work with your schedule, there's another in Mauritius that runs from June to August.


Central America is full of lush forests, beautiful beaches and friendly people, and Nomad Life lets you live and work in your own bit of paradise. Don't believe me? Check out their video:


Mi Casa Su Casa is a private home turned group living space in the heart of Bangalore - and it gets extra love for being owned by a local resident, and not some corporation or foreign start up. The rooms are bright and airy - some with private balconies - and there is plenty of space in their garden for relaxing or hanging out with your new roomies (pictured above). If that's not enough to convince you, have you had Indian food? Enough said.


Casa Miraflores is a coliving hostel that just happened to be a TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice in both 2016 and 2017. They're located in Cali, Colombia which offers the perfect blend of city life and nature. If you stay here, make sure you take advantage of their free daily salsa and bachata classes!

I encourage you to get out there and explore those countries that you hadn't considered visiting. Expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone. And be sure to interact with the locals and give back to their communities, not just hang out with the other westerners in the digital nomad bubble.

If you can recommend any coliving places in other 'undesirable' countries feel free to link them below - let's give them a boost!