5 Tips for Choosing a Coliving Space

1. Accommodation

              The first and most obvious consideration. This all comes down to a matter of preference, but there are certain questions you need to ask before locking down a coliving space: what size is your room? Is it a single bed or double? Shared or private? What’s the bathroom situation like (there’s a big difference between having a private bath and sharing a bathroom with others hostel-style). This is going to be your home for the next few weeks or months, so don’t underestimate the importance of your personal comfort and know your limits.

2. Wi-Fi

              Chances are, if you’re planning to hunker down in a coliving space you’re there to get work done. Being surrounded by other hustlers does great things for your morale and productivity, but shoddy Wi-Fi can bring all that to a crashing halt. Double check that your coliving space has Wi-Fi speeds adequate for what you’re doing, and if they don’t, see if there is a coworking business space nearby that you can pop into and ask if they offer a discount or special rate for colivers.

3. Activities

              Some coliving spaces offer scheduled activities such as mastermind sessions and group outings. Others aren’t so regimented but rather leave it up to guests to plan their own social activities. Both approaches are viable options to building a community, but if you prefer to leave the planning to someone else and have the option to pick and choose when to participate, then this is something you’ll need to research when locking down your temporary home.

4. Location

              There are coliving spaces everywhere. From bustling cities, to quaint country sides and even quiet beach towns, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to choosing your home environment. There are some spaces that require extensive logistical planning to get to since they’re not located close to an airport, others are smack dab in the middle of all the action, surrounded by public transportation and convenience.  The beauty of coliving is that your stay at any location can be as temporary or as long-term as you’d like, so if you discover that you don’t care for certain areas, you can use your new-found wisdom to find a home in a totally different city or country.

5. Transparency

              Whatever coliving space you choose, it’s going to serve as your home and safe space for a while; you should be able to ask your host whatever questions you’d like and expect to get a clear and honest answer about the things that can affect your daily life (see above regarding Wi-Fi). From having accurate photos of the rooms for you to view, to knowing about any potentially hidden fees or expenses, you’ll want to stay with someone who is upfront and is willing to put your mind at ease.

Coliving spaces are not all created equal; each one has its own perks and tradeoffs, so make sure that when you’re nailing down your top choices you’re keeping in mind what it is you need in order to feel at home and be your most productive.