Travel Burnout: 10 Signs You Need a Break

There is a theory that all long-term travelers reach their breaking point eventually.

And if it’s human nature to seek out community and companionship, then there has to be some truth to the theory.

So, at what point does a perpetual traveler reach their breaking point? And what does it mean if they do? Is there ever a point where a desk job — or even simply the desire to stay put in one location long-term — starts to look more appealing than the constant uncertainty (and possible loneliness) that comes along with being a nomad?

If you can relate to any of the following, it may be a sign that you need to take a break from traveling or slow your roll, even if just for a little while: 

1. Enjoyment has faded

You look back and remember when traveling was what you lived for, the thing that made it difficult to fall asleep at night and easy to get up in the morning. But now the idea of packing up, navigating your way around a new city, a new culture and all the challenges that go along with it has gotten tiring. 

2. You aren’t impressed

You barely bat an eyelash at famous landmarks; you scoff at the suggestions of friends and travel buddies. If nothing excites you anymore, it could be a sign of burn-out.

3. You’d rather stay in than follow your own itinerary

You don’t want to leave your hotel room. You would prefer to lay in your pajamas all day watching TV rather than exploring your surroundings.

4. Your life feels out of your control

Keeping up with your routines has become nearly impossible. Your bank account is dwindling along with your energy because work is overwhelming (and contrary to what others may think, you’re not on an endless holiday). To-Do lists might as well be thrown out the window because they never get finished. If trying to juggle a normal routine while also trying to figure out where to sleep next week has become more of a hassle than it’s worth, it’s time to take a break and stay put for a while.

5. You daydream about cutting visits short

You keep thinking to yourself “is it over yet?” 

6. You’re just going through the motions

You aren’t allowing room for exploration and you find yourself over-planning down to the minute, because, well, "is it over yet?"

7. Minor frustrations create major emotional turmoil

Things you usually brush off are becoming huge sources of frustration leaving you with lasting feelings of anger or rage. 

8. Good deals aren’t a priority

You don’t have a desire to find the best deals anymore, you just want to get to your destination quickly so you can get to sleep. You may also find yourself procrastinating when it comes to booking a trip when typically you are the type to plan weeks in advance.

9. You find yourself eating and craving the same meals

You suddenly find yourself wanting foods that remind you of home or eating the same foods over and over again. You are flying so much that you know exactly what the set meals are going to be and the idea of eating another in-flight dinner is enough to make you want to cry.

10. You were once unbothered, but now everything seems to bother you

You are bothered by crowds and annoyed by constantly having to meet new people. Since you or the people you meet are always coming or going, you don’t feel like you’re forming a meaningful connection with anyone. And instead of being fun, dating has become a struggle so you don't want to bother with that anymore either.