Best Scratch and Pin Maps for Travelers

If you’re anything like me, you like to do a little bragging about all of the off the beaten path places you’ve visited. It’s one thing to show your friends and family photos of lush landscapes and sunswept beaches, but seeing those locations in comparison to where you live puts the vastness of your travels truly into perspective. If you’re looking for a personalized way to commemorate your adventures, there’s no better way than by hanging a push-pin or scratchable map on your wall.

Smart maps by GeoJango

Coined “The Smartest Maps in the World” GeoJango maps are designed by a professional geographer: Debbie Dennison, GISP. Though the price may seem a bit high at $200 to $225 a pop, these topographical maps provide the context for understanding cultural, environmental, and physical patterns and relationships in the world - so they’re pretty, practical AND a tool for learning! If you scale the maps, not only will you see the standard countries and rivers, but you’ll also be able to learn more about nature, geology, and culture through geographical references to historical events. Each map is individually printed and you can select from a variety of custom-made styles including recycled barn wood or eco-friendly wood veneer finishes. You can also select specifics such as map size, frame choice, font, and even write your own title or design your compass rose! 

Push Pin Maps

Push Pin Maps sells unique, personalized, and accurate maps that are perfect for every explorer. Coming in at $119, there are 8 frame options and over 30 unique map styles, including the World, United States, Europe, and North America - you can even get hyper-local with it if you want a detailed map of Colorado and California or just the National Parks. Throw in an extra $20 and a personalized plaque with your name or favorite travel inspo quote is all yours!  There are 100 map pins included with each order, but keep in mind that that the pins run a bit on the larger side so if you’ve traveled a lot in a certain area, you may have some trouble pinpointing the locations (pun intended).

The Map Lab

The Map Lab

The Map Lab

The most affordable on this list, coming in at $38.88, TheMapLab is home to unique, affordable scratch-off foil maps. These scratchable world travel maps are the most detailed “where you’ve been” maps available, with over 10,000 cities, countries, and places denoted! You simply use a coin to rub off the top gold foil layer and underneath is a beautiful, modern style map of the world. The map also includes push pins to specify the cities you’ve visited - to be inserted after you’ve scratched off the foil, of course. Your map will be printed on high quality, premium paper, so I suggest mounting it on a cork board if you want it to last. 

Conquest maps

This is a high-quality canvas map layered on heavy duty cork which means this piece will keep its shape and can hang on your wall for a long time. Personalize your map with a custom legend, your name or a quote and you’re ready to start pinning your heart out. Their custom maps start at $99 but they also sell map posters for $21. And if you happen to spend $50 or more you can get free use that as an incentive to buy something for your favorite travel buddy too!