These Are The 25 Best Websites To Find Freelance & Remote Jobs

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran freelancer, finding a steady remote job - or any job at all - isn’t always an easy task. And more often than not, you’ll need to have more than one client contract on the books in order to build a truly sustainable career. If you find yourself in the common predicament of not knowing where to look for a job that fits your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place!

Below we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best sites for finding freelance and remote work; all you have to do is click on the links we’ve provided and start your search!

1) Creative Circle

Creative Circle is a staffing firm that helps find work for writers, designers and other folks that work on the creative side of marketing and public relations. They can help you find freelance to permanent work and even offer up the occasional remote gig.

2) AngelList

AngelList is the leading hiring platform for the tech and startup industry. If you can dream up your dream role with a hot new startup, this is the place to look. And the best part is that most of the companies list their job openings as being remote - so you can be innovative from anywhere in the world.

3) Flexjobs

You’ll have to pay a fee to use this site’s services, but it’s worth the small investment! This site is all about finding flexible work - whether that’s part-time, freelance, or remote. The best part is that the site is well curated and monitored, so you’ll never run across a scam or fake job posting.

4) Craigslist

Hate on Craigslist all you want, but it is the OG job hunting site - I booked legit work from Craigslist for YEARS when I first went off on my own. To find remote work, just click on the city of your choosing and select the ‘telecommute’ option or type the term ‘remote’ in the search box. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.  

5) ED2010

Are you in the publishing industry? ED2010 has been around since, well, 2010, and it’s a great site for helping you find work as a writer at a magazine or blog. Some of the jobs listed require that you work on-site, but plenty offer the freedom to let you work from anywhere.

6) JournalismJobs

Journalism Jobs is a database of open positions and freelance opportunities in print, broadcast, and digital media. Many of the jobs listed are full-time, but you can occasionally come across a gem that lets you work from home.

7) MediaBistro

This is another great job board for writers, editors, and other media professionals to find work publication and production work. The site features thousands of telecommute jobs and also offers some useful features like skill-building courses and career services.

8) Cloudpeeps

This site is for the more experienced folks; if you already have a solid portfolio and area ready to make some serious career moves, go ahead and submit your freelancer profile here. They focus on marketing, social media, and general copywriting work.

9) Aquent

Another staffing firm for creative folks and those with a technical background. Register as a freelancer and they can help you find work with marketing and digital firms worldwide.

10) Freelance Writing Gigs  

As the name implies, this site is dedicated to helping you find writing gigs. From Monday through Friday you can find the latest job openings curated from all over the internet.

11) Journalism Jobs

Newspapers, magazines, tv stations, communications firms - they’re hiring, and this is the place to find out about it. A lot of media jobs are in-house, but if you look hard enough you’ll find a few remote jobs tossed into the mix.

12) Upwork

You either love Upwork or you hate it, there’s no middle ground. I personally hate it, but there are jobs to be booked there - though from what I hear it’s gotten harder to get your profile approved.

13) Guru

Think of Guru as Upwork’s little cousin, but without the 20% free. This site lets you offer your services across a ton of industries including: legal services, architecture, web design sales, and so many more. Here you can find fixed price gigs and hourly jobs.

14) Freelancer

Freelancer lets you submit proposals for specific gigs that companies post on their site. Some of the jobs offered are hourly, others are treated as more of a contest where you hope your bid is the one that gets noticed. Create a profile and shoot your shot!

15) We Work Remotely

If you want to work remotely, then head on over to this job board. Customer service, programming, writing - this sites has a little bit of everything. The best part? They’re all work from home gigs.

16) Fiverr

Fiverr has been making big moves in the past year; they recently partnered with Remote Year to hire a ‘Chief Digital Nomad’ for their Instagram stories and they also acquired, which just happens to be my project tracking and invoicing software of choice. Use the site to offer your freelance services at a starting rate of $5 a pop - clearly there’s money to be made.

17) The Muse

A pretty easy-to-use database with an entire section dedicated to work from home jobs. It’s all pretty straight-forward.

18) Indeed

This site aggregates data from all over the internet to and puts job right in the palm of your hand. Make sure you use the keyword search function to narrow down your options for remote and freelance work.

19) Skip the Drive

The whole purpose of this site is to help you find remote and work-from-home jobs, so what are you waiting for?!

20) Virtual Vocations

All telecommute jobs. All in one place. This site lists nothing but remote opportunities and is updated every day. You’ll have to pay a subscription fee, but you can just write it off in your taxes later.

21) Working Nomads

Working Nomads offers a curated list of job openings delivered right to your inbox. It’s catered to people who want the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

22) Remotive

Offers a job board of freelance positions in marketing, sales, engineering, human resources, and a few other areas.

23) PowertoFly

We love anything that helps empower women, which is why we love PowertoFly - it’s an online community that aims to connect women tech workers to their dream jobs, whether they be in office, flexible, or remote.

24) Dribble

If you work as a designer and are looking for work on the technical side of things, then pop over to this job board. All of the employees that list job openings on this site need to pay a hefty fee to do so, which lets you know that they’re serious about hiring. .

25) Toptal

This headhunting service is tailored for people in the finance industry, including consultants, financial modeling and valuation, fundraising, market research, and more. You have to apply to the site to become one of their freelance finance experts.

Maybe you’re worried that a freelance or remote job doesn’t have longevity, but let me tell you, many remote jobs are full-time and even offer benefits! It’s all about knowing where to look. In fact, if you’re still looking for more ideas on where to apply, pay a visit to Remote Like Me , and check out this amazing list:

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