Wakanda: The Next Coworking Hotspot

The time we’ve all been waiting for has FINALLY come: the nation of Wakanda, home to the Black Panther, has opened up its borders and airlines are now offering direct flights to its capital city! Full disclosure, the flights aren’t cheap, but with this being a dream destination for many location independent professionals, they’re worth every penny. 

Wakanda boasts the most technologically advanced society in all of the world which means that not only will you be able to connect to the internet and do your work virtually anywhere you go, but the opportunities to network and build business relationships are endless.

Little is known about the secretive country which may give some people pause about visiting; but fortunately, our trusty guide to coworking in Wakanda can help you plan your trip.

map of wakanda

Your Guide to (Co)Working in Wakanda

Shuri’s Lab

The only official coworking space in Wakanda, this place is run in conjunction with their youth outreach program. Located on the ground level of Shuri’s actual lab - because let's face it, that's as far as guests can get without security clearance - It offers the fastest and most reliable Vibranium Fiber Optic Internet in all of the country. You’ll have to pay a modest monthly membership fee, but those fees are used to sponsor a child’s education in Oakland, CA. You're also encouraged to foster community by attending mastermind sessions or leading skill-building workshops on either the Wakanda campus or at the Wakandan Youth Outreach Center should your travels take you to California, US.

Black Panther Coffee

Not to be confused with Panther Coffee, a Nakia favorite while on missions in Miami, FL. Avoid the fru-fru, artificial flavors, the coffee here is best served black or with a splash of cream. Along with free wi-fi, this place serves the only vegan oatmeal cookies in all of Wakanda WITHOUT raisins (praise be to Hanuman)!

The Golden City National Library

Home to the world's largest collection of books on the history of colonization, here you can hunker down in front of a computer with the most sophisticated computer-assisted language learning software - because nothing’s quite as important as making an effort to learn the language and customs of any new place you visit. All of the reading materials in the library are free for Wakandan nationals to check out, but as a guest, you can only access those books and tools during normal business hours. Make sure you pay a visit to their ‘The Heart-Shaped Herb’ exhibit while there, which features prominent works of art and literature that speak to the rich cultural history of the African continent.

Workaway with the Border Tribe

A huge part of the digital nomad lifestyle revolves around budgeting and planning travel, which is why workaways and volunteer opportunities are a great way to travel to a new place while keeping your expenses low. Your days herding cattle and tending to battle rhinos can be long and difficult, so this setup is better suited for individuals with flexible work schedules or with clients whom only need attention in the evening. Free Wi-Fi is available and the download speeds are incredible.

The Jabari Monastery

We’ve talked endlessly about the importance of disconnecting from tech and detoxing from time to time; it’s good for your well-being and actually helps improve your work performance. So if you’re looking to find your center while on your Wakandan work-travel adventure, then venturing into the mountains and joining the Jabari tribe is the way to go. You don’t really find the Jabari, the Jabari find you, so just make sure you’re carrying around a SIM card at all times in case you get selected to join their ranks as they’re not into using modern Vibranium tech and their dial-up internet can be a bit touch and go.

Traveling to Wakanda is a definite must for any digital nomad who enjoys a fully immersive cultural experience. Just note that if you’re only going there for the ‘Gram, then I suggest you travel elsewhere (here’s looking at you Barbie Savior) as access to all social media is blocked in order to protect the privacy of Wakandan citizens.