Quilt: A Different Type of Coworking Space

There's a new kid on the co-working block, and this one has certainly piqued our interest. Quilt  is a new venture that offers women the opportunity to create a coworking space within their own homes...think of it as an AirBnB inspired coworking space with real-life networking potential.

Because Quilt's coworking 'sessions' are held in private homes, the experience will vary from one host to the next, but promise to be both productive and meaningful given their unique 4-hour structure. At any Quilt gathering, you can expect the schedule to look a bit like this:

  • Hour 1: Coffee + Chat
  • Hours 2-4: Productivity (get sh*t done)

According to their website, "the first hour is focused on women connecting and supporting one another. The rest of the time is designed to encourage productivity through accountability."

Image from  Quilt

Image from Quilt

Unlike a traditional coworking space, Quilt offers a day-to-day booking system with sessions in the morning and afternoon, and gives you the choice to continue going to the same home each week or switch it up whenever you want. So, even if you have a routine going and a space that you like to call your home/office, Quilt can help you break out and boost your networking potential. And if the past few months have shown us anything, it's that by supporting and collaborating with one another, we women can accomplish anything.  

For now, all of Quilt's Wednesday coworking events and weekend chats are in and around the Los Angeles area, however, if you're interested in creating a community and hosting your own sessions in your home  (and make a little money while you're at it) you can apply via their website

Let us know in the comments if this sort of coworking set up speaks to you.