How to Become a Freelancer

I think it was the Bible that said ‘Hustle without works is lost’... Well, it was something like that anyway. What we know for sure is that if you want to live a location independent lifestyle you will need two things:

1) A Strategy, and

2) Kick ass time management skills.

It's science.

It's science.

First, let’s talk strategy.

There’s nothing worse than chasing down a lead only to find that it’s not a fit for your skills or worse yet, a total scam. While exploring your options, take note of certain industries that more readily offer remote work and focus your search accordingly. A few that come to mind are tech/programming, marketing, public relations and social media, writing/editing, customer service and virtual teaching.

Once you narrow your search and find your niche, you should take advantage of digital resources. Here are some of our favorite FREE sites and groups that tend to list opportunities that are freelancer and nomad friendly. Full disclosure: we’re creative & tech types over here, so these do skew more in that direction but don’t let that discourage you from checking them out or hitting up Google for other ideas.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn reigns supreme as the networking and job hunting hub for people across the globe. Type in ‘Remote’ (or even ‘work from home’) in the search box on the jobs page, set the location to ‘worldwide’ and you will be on your way. Not all the jobs that come up are in fact off-site but plenty of them are; and it’s a good way to land with an established company for ongoing or even permanent work.

Jobspresso - This site is dedicated to helping you work remotely from anywhere. It’s literally in their tagline. - is out here getting companies to embrace location independence for their workers. Along with some really great job listings, you can find useful information and Q&As that can help you transition into a digital nomad (or convince your employer that you don’t need to be in the office to do your job).

Facebook - Facebook remains one of our favorites for job hunting and generating leads because there is a group for EVERYTHING. You can sometimes even engage directly with the person doing the hiring! You’ll need to be networking savvy and ask the right questions, but with a bit of digging around, there are plenty of opportunities to be found. If you work in a different industry, just hit up the search bar and look up terms related to your field to see what comes up. Here are some of our recommendations:

AngelList - Tech companies and startups seem to be leading the remote working revolution, and this is the go-to site for finding a budding business that’s in need of your expertise. From programmers to marketing teams and even opportunities to join the C-Suite, Angellist can be your shot at getting in at the ground level with the hottest new startup.

Job hunting is time consuming, especially when you’re looking for work freedom. In fact, it can feel like a full time job in and of itself. And when you work on a freelance or per project basis, you need to balance searching for more work while not compromising the work you’re delivering to existing clients. Regardless, if you’re already working remotely or are looking to make the leap into location independence, make sure you carve out a dedicated block of time each day to building your business.

Now hustle on.

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