Coliving 101

So you have a sparkly new laptop and a few clients lined what?

Some people choose to work from home, others from coffee shops, and some even prefer a more traditional office environment, opting to pay a membership fee to access to a shared coworking space. Location independence looks different for everyone! But what about those of you who are feeling a bit more adventurous?

If you’ve been considering juicing up your freelance life with a shot of worldly independence, going nomadic for a while might be just right up your alley. A nomad by definition is a person who travels from one place to another in order to sustain their needs. Traditionally those needs were based on survival - moving around to ensure you had food or water, for example. These days, nomadism is driven by technology and a desire for increased freedom and fulfillment.

One of the most important decisions you will need to make in taking the first step to becoming a digital nomad will be choosing where to live. With flexibility being of the utmost importance, traditional and even short term rental options aren’t always the best choice. And although hotels, hostels and AirBnB can yield affordable accommodations for whatever length of your stay, they don’t necessarily offer all of the creature comforts that keep a working professional productive. Enter coliving: modern day communal spaces that offer an alternative to the often isolated digital working professional.


If you’re wondering why you should opt for a coliving space rather than an AirBnB or other short term rental option, let me give you the rundown of some of the benefits:

  • A solid wi-fi connection is guaranteed.

  • You can usually choose between a solo or shared room, so there are options for your budget.

  • You have a built-in community (even the most anti-social of us can use someone to talk to every now and then) and family.

  • Said community is made up of other digital nomads with interesting careers and insights you can learn from.

  • And to build even further on THAT, coliving spaces usually have planned events such as Skill Sharing and Mastermind sessions, down to dinner parties and excursions to familiarize you with your new locale. 

  • Some will even provide you with a SIM card on arrival and arrange for your transportation.

Ready to make the move(s)? Here is a list of some of the most interesting coliving and coworking spaces from around the world:








More and more coliving spaces seem to be popping up every day, so we’ll continue to update this list on a regular basis.